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Well, the church series is my latest project. I like doing projects when I can fit it in, and this one is taking all of my old churchy or church-orientated articles and creating a mosaic out of them. So, here goes again.

I am starting over after a rethink about how I should organize the pieces.

Basically, this is the new trajectory of the mosaic. I start with an article about how the culture has changed over the last fifty-odd years (this is the Kevin Ward interview), described as something that the church is facing. But there is still a need out there, for something more to life. (This may be alluded to in the second article, “Christmas brings resurgence of faith” which sort of taps into the need for more during Christmas.) This is elaborated in the article and interview with Rodney Macann.

However, some have stood staunch in the face of the changing cultural tide, in terms of morals, and others in the evangelical/Pentecostal/Charismatic community are doing the same.

While the culture is spiritually hungry (according to some), others in the church are organizing evangelization, outreach which attempts to fill the spiritual need in society. As well, the churches are getting together and standing together to be a united voice to their communities.

Meanwhile people are leaving the church, but there is a spiritual hunger within some if not many individuals in churches. Some people are saying there needs to be a change in the church, while others try and resolve church conflicts and bring back the disillusioned.

There are other issues in the church as well, the least of them being parking problems (as we all do).

However, the local church keeps on going strong with lots of activity in the church and community and the Head Offices of the denominations have been re-thinking their organizational strategies in pro-active ways. Christian ministries are still striving to help others and missions continue their work. In the end, the Church is about Jesus Christ to help people and this is how I conclude the mosaic.

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