Wellington's Celebrate Jesus 2000 launched

At the end of the year 2000, members of churches in the Wellington region in New Zealand went to a sports and concert stadium, usually used for pop artists, footballers and cricketers, to voice their unity as a region-wide Church. They came together to make a public display of unity and celebrate the birth of Jesus 2000 years ago. It was televised on the national broadcaster, Television New Zealand, so people unfamiliar with this, might have seen it when they otherwise wouldn’t have. Here’s my article.

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At odds with Kingdom values

With conservative Christians talking about the decline of a marriage culture, and how marriage should be encouraged — going as far as marching to Parliament to protest “anti-marriage legislation”, others say marching to Parliament and the imposition of morality is not Christian. Here’s my article, from 2004.

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Marriage rate falls to new low

Reality of broken marriages and declining marriages in society got a Christian response akin to failure. Here’s my article about that, which continues to touch on how Christians are responding to the wider culture and indeed when cultural issues are somewhat inside of the church as well. It compliments the previous article which was a Christian response to the dominant culture and showed conservative Christians standing up for a return to a marriage culture in society.

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Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough. That was the title of my 2004 article about a smorgasbord of reactions and views to the Enough is Enough rally to the New Zealand parliament. It’s a snapshot of how various churches and church groups, conservative and progressive, are intersecting with the non-church and wider culture, which continues the part on church and culture in the mosaic here. Here’s the article:

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Red garments for Jesuit

This article is in keeping with the themes of the church’s relationship to culture in a ‘changing world’. The Catholic church, generally speaking, tends to reflect traditional views, and progressive views may tend to reflect cultural views, generally speaking, but the subject of this article appears to be a mediator between views which are traditional and views which are progressive. Here’s the article, from 2001.

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Marist Brother on a former Pope

Interview, via email, with Marist Brother Richard Dunleavy, April 2005

It’s interesting what Richard Dunleavy had to say about the former Pope Benedict, in 2005. It’s a part of my Church mosaic – in that it’s a snapshot of the theme of church and culture from a Catholic perspective. The previous post touched on this as well. In the posts before, I interviewed other Christians on that theme. This interview does not claim to be the whole Catholic perspective, as the election of Pope Francis has demonstrated a more open attitude to culture, yet without compromising Catholic core teachings and truths. Here’s the interview.

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Priorities in the face of a changing culture

In 2005, with Pope Benedict replacing Pope John Paul, he was seen as resolute in never compromising the truths of the Catholic Church in the face of a changing culture. Here’s my article about the former pope.

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Baptist minister says Church can offer a real hope

“I think people are looking for reality and if they find it at church they’ll embrace it. If they don’t, they’ll ignore it”, says Baptist minister Rodney Macann.

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What does the Church have to offer?

In the year 2000 I interviewed Rodney Macann. Part two of my interview with Rodney follows, who at the time was a baritone and ministry leader of a Baptist church in Central Wellington. I asked, what does the Church have to offer?

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"The grass is definitely not greener on the other side"

Flashback to 2000, Rodney Macann talks New Zealand and the Church. Part one is all about New Zealand culture and part two focusses on the church engaging with NZ culture.

This interview was with baritone Rodney Macann. He was, in 2000, leader of the ministry team at Wellington Central Baptist. (Later, he was the NZ Baptist national leader).

As well, he was singing throughout New Zealand and Australia with the major Opera and concert organisations like the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and the NBR Opera NZ.

Here’s part one of the interview:

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Christmas brings resurgence of faith

This article taps into the spiritual hunger, questing, or need that the previous article alluded to, but in terms of there seeming to be a stronger spiritual need at Christmas time.

The ghost of Christmas past and present called on me this Christmas. Two worlds representing the spirit of a Christmas 55 years ago and the other of a Christmas transformed by the changes of time, were neatly captured in some Christmas television programming.

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